Saturday, 14 May 2011

NOW SOLD!! One-of-a-Kind Titanic Heart Necklace

~Titanic Heart Necklace~

-1 Large Titanic Blue Swarovski Crystal Heart
- 1 Medium Violet AB Swarovski Crystal Heart
- Beautiful Sterling Silver Heart-linked Necklace Chain
- 2 .925 Sterling Silver Leaf-Shaped Bails

(Only One Available At The Moment)

This necklace was inspired by the movie "Titanic".
The gorgeous large blue Swarovski Crystal heart measures 18mm and flickers different shades
of blue - from a deep blue to a sparkly sky blue.

The violet Swarovsi heart is what I feel makes the necklace - It contains "Crystal AB" which means it is constantly glistening and sparkles whenever any light hits off it- it projects different
colours like yellow, orange and green.

Price Including Postage:


The PeachPoison Necklace comes in a cute red padded necklace display box.

!Free Gift Promotion!

Since its been a while since i've sold my PeachPoison Jewellery,
Whoever buys the Titanic Romance necklace will recieve a free gift! :

I only have one of the Titanic Heart necklces at the moment, but will create more on request, the one person that buys it will get this free gift! The free gift is a 3-pack of Hello Kitty Lip Glosses! :D

Will be posted (UK Or International) next day :)


PeachPoison Jewellery xox


  1. you have such amazing talent! I love making jewelry as well

    your super gorgeous!

  2. the necklace is adorable (:

  3. The necklace looks so lovely and cute! <3

  4. I LOVE YOUR JEWELRY!!!! It's really beautiful, I love the colors! :)

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  5. Love your jewelry!! gorgeous necklace!
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  6. thanks so much!! means a lot :) xx

  7. Love your jewelry :) super cute blog :) XOXO