Wednesday, 18 May 2011

BARGAIN DEAL! PeachPoison "Warrior's Heart Necklace" & Free Gift!!


~"Warrior's Heart" Swarovski Crystal Necklace~

-1 Large Moonlight Pegasus Shaped Swarovski Crystal
-1 Large Topaz AB Heart Shaped Swarovski Crystal
-1 Large .925 Sterling Silver Leaf Bail
-1 Large Sterling Silver Leaf Bail
-1 Very Fine Sterling Silver Dainty Cable Necklace Chain

(Only 1 in stock at the moment!)

The "Warrior's Heart" necklace was inspired by strong, tough, confident girls who are fighters and stand up for what they believe is right. The large Pegasus Swarovski stone represents the tough side of a girl, and the Swarovski heart crystal represents her softer side.

I personally love the Topaz AB heart in this necklace, again since it has AB in it, this makes the Swarovski crystal glisten like crazy whenever light hits it. The two colours match and contrast well at the same time.

I'm putting this on sale for
£12 ($19) in total including shipping!

I wouldn't normally sell this low but I'm wanting to get word out about my jewellery and would love to see what you lovelies think of it! :)

+Buy this one-of-a-kind necklace and receive a

1) A brand new Bourjous Paris Eye-shadow pallet -
shadow and contour. Inside there is a lovely beigey-bronze eyeshadow colour and underneath is a
darkish green colour used for eyeshadow or to define under-eye. Inside is also a 2-tip eyeshadow brush and a compact mirror!

2) A brand new cute compact Hello Kitty Hand & Nailcare set. Includes a strawberry hand lotion, nail file, and the other nail stick thing! (don't know what its called hehe!)

3) A full-size brand new 3D- Effect Bourjous Lipgloss! This is in a gorgeous red, sparkly colour!

4) A super cute Hello Kitty keyring! Theres a wee pink bell attached too!

5) A set of 3 Hello Kitty lipglosses!! Can you tell i like hello kitty? ;)


Whoever buys this necklace (I love you!), I would love it if you could take a photo of yourself wearing the necklace. I will put your pic and a linnk to your profile on my sidebar PERMANENTLY!


I have created a paypal button that links up to my account, simply click the button below and you can pay through paypal.

If you are not comfortable by paying through this, please email me at:
and we can work something out! Remember i only have one of this necklace so first come, first served! It will be dispatched next day, 100% trustworthy!

Thanks for reading! PeachPoison Jewellery xox


  1. that's a beautiful necklace!! I'm a new follower, I love that you have your own jewelry designs! how talented! xoxo


  2. great jewellery! definitely talented :)
    I found you on a friend's blog.If you have time please come check out my beauty blog. I followed you btw. Pls follow me for updates, if you like. Great Blog hunnie!

    keep in touch always <3

  3. wow! great stuff! I especially love the necklace!

    -Heather from

  4. Cute! love the hello kitty glosses (:

  5. I looove hello kitty too! :) the necklace is gorgeous! I'd love to see more designs soon. :)

    i'm a new follower.

  6. I liked your blog! It's so cute.

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  7. Seu blog está muito bonito


  8. I adore people who can make these nice things. your design is nice and cute.

    i'm following you now, would be happy if you do the same. have a lovely day :)

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