Monday, 22 February 2010

Delay! New necklaces coming!

There was a problem with the new swarovski crystals getting sent here, but its finally sorted out and they should hopefully arrive on wednesday! :)
Everybody keep ypur eyes pealed as there should hopefully be quiet a few going up for sale, but you'll need to be quick as my necklaces just now are "one of a kind" as i like to make the necklaces unique and special!
If there are requests for necklaces to come back into stock though, i think i can do that for you!
keep your eyes pealed!!

Lucy Xo


  1. & Thanks for joining my giveaway, GOOD LUCK to you!

    Katie Ngo

  2. sadly all the snow from the area i live is holding up the delivery :(
    Its my birthday tomorrow, so im sooo hoping the swarovski will arrive tomorrow!!
    As soon as they arrive i'm creating new necklaces!!!

    thanks everyone :)


  3. Your designs are lovely. Looking forward to seeing more! :)
    Dani M