Saturday, 6 February 2010

Breaking Dawn Necklace

16" Sterling Silver Heart-Linked Chain
Large Purple Mist 17.5mm Swarovski Crystal & 14mm Moonlight Heart
Finest .925 Sterling Silver Leaf Bail

__Temporarily SOLD OUT___


  1. Hello
    I must say, your designs are absolutely beautiful.

    I've been doing a lot of research because I've recently created a blog ( and have also created a Chictopia account.

    I'd love to show some of your designs on my blog, as I like to show readers exactly what I like :D

    I'm pretty heartbroken that I'm unable to purchase any of your jewellery - since I'm only 15 and my dad's just lost his job - but I felt it necessary to let you know how much I love the jewellery in anyway possible.

    Please could you, if possible, reply to this message to:
    a) let me know if you mind whether I post my favourites of your designs
    b) what you think of my blog

    I hope you appreciate this message

    love from
    Emily Park.

    PS. I truly am heartbroken about the fact i'm unable to buy anything - I'd give anything to be able to support you . But a lack of money makes this almost impossible

    Please visit my blog and take a look around :)


  2. =]
    I just found your blog!
    I'm loving this necklace the colours are really pretty together
    I thinking of buying it..
    So do i get everything in the picture like the chain and leaf?
    Ha ha, I should of though of this lols.

  3. Woops, i forgot to add:
    when will you have this in stock agen?
    >.> Sorry you probs posted the info already,
    But pls tell when u have them in

  4. like the necklaces !!!!! if I didn't spend my money on new shoes i so would have bought one.x

  5. That is a pretty necklace! You do make really lovely jewellery!

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  7. Beautiful necklace, hope it comes back in stock soon x

  8. wow, the necklace is very beautiful ! ^^

  9. oh wow, i love the little leaves-so pretty! thank you for following my blog! :) x x

  10. that necklace is so pretty!!! no wonder it's sold out! thanks for the follow. :)

  11. lovely blog and jewelry thanks for following im following in return && i love this necklace

  12. wow..!! so pretty !
    still, I don't think I can afford it though.. :(
    but, thanks for following anyway.. ^_^