Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Long Time No Blog!

Heya everyone!! :D

Sorry its been ages since i last posted, i just arrived back from Corfu this morn
ing after a 2 week holiday! I had a great time! It was roasting, I've managed to get a decent tan, but as always, got a new burn almost every day :(! ... and a really uneven tan at that! Meh! :)

Heres a picture i took of the beach in the evening, how pretty is the sky?!

The roads there are hella scary though! theres no pavement and where my appartments were (25 min walk from the town), there were no street lamps so everytime i heard a car at like 50mph coming, totally freaked out!! And the mosquitoes :( We bought candles, repellents had the plug in repellent things and i still ended up with around 30 bites! arghh! But i had a great time and am back now!

Will be posting new necklaces/earrings for sale very shortly, so keep a look out!!

Lucy! Xo

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