Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer Wish List!

Hey lovelies!! :)

I thought i haven't posted in a while, and for most of today have been reading reviews on makeup and making a never-ending wish-list! So here are some of the things i'm dying for this summer! :)

*PeachPoison jewellery update - i have been creating new designs over the past week, items should go on sale soon! Although I'm away to Greece on the 20th for 2 weeks, so email me if your really wanting a necklace or earrings so i can post it to you before i go!*

On with the wishlist!

1) Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation - omg this looks amazing! ive read so many reviews and everyone has said how
amazing it is, your meant to be "flawless in every light", yes please!! Its really pricey at £33 for a bottle though! :(

2) Benefit High beam - I've always wanted this highlighter but
have never got round to buying or even trying it! I was lucky enough to get the free sample with this month's Glamour magazine everyone has been raving about
and i'm liking it! I've only tried it twice, and although not blown away with results SO FAR, I'm glad I finally managed to try it! I think using this with the chanel pro lumiere will be a great combo!

3) Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - I've been using Mac's concealer for years now, but i've heard so many thing
s about the bobbi brown concealer and have been wanting to try it out! My trusty mac concealer's nearly run out so will be buying this soon :)

4) Nars Cream Blush - I've been a cream blush girl for years!! I remember the days of buying drug store makeup - not having a clue about anything years ago! - whenever i applied powder blush my makeup felt and looked cakey, hated it! Then i discovered cream blush!! I used mac's cream blush and i'm now using a smahsbox cream blush, which were both really nice, but i want to try out a nars pinky one to compare!

I've got sooooooo much more things i'm after but these are the top ones just now! I'm wanting to add loads more pink lippies to my collection too! :) Do you use or want any of these products?

Whats your number one item on our wish-list this summer? :) Lucy Xo


  1. i just bought their vitalumiere! &i am loving it i will be going back for the aqua and a sample of the pro lumiere

  2. aw so lucky! glad you like it :) x

  3. Great wish list! I hope you get them soon. Unfortunately I don't have one b/c I'm trying to do my P10P. =(


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  4. love to see how you apply your blush :)

  5. i love nars blushes :-)
    on my wish list.. so many things. i just got a new nars blush so that off my list, but i really want the chanel aqua foundation, and the chanel powder :-)

  6. Nice post. I have the pro Lumiere and I wouldn't consider amazing, but its good. I'm on the hunt for something better.

  7. Pro Lumiere and High beam are both amazing products! I heard Pro is going to be discontinued though, so they're releasing a new foundation to replace it, can't wait to give it a try! x

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