Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Sci-MX Diet Shake - Easier Weight Loss?

Hey all!
Been wanting to a blog on weight loss for ages after trying out loads of different things, but think i may have come across a winner! I am pretty lazy and hate exercising so have been looking for a way to cheat for years!
My mum got a leaflet about 6 weeks from Sci-MX, it had all the protein shakes and that, but we noticed the new "Diet shake", and as soon as we saw the word "diet" we had to find out more. To make a "diet shake", you use the giant spoon provided and scoop up the diet shake powder (Comes in different flavours, the one i have is strawberry) and mix this with 300ml of water.
Sci-MX claims that the diet shake:
-Aids Fat Loss
-Improves Muscle tone
-Curbing hunger between meals

And this is how it works:

Taking two to three servings of Diet Shake™ as a snack between your normal calorie controlled and healthy food meals can help you to achieve your fat-loss and toning goals, as part of your healthy-eating and exercise regime.

Diet Shake™ contains whey protein and Actilight® prebiotic fibre, which together help to curb hunger and cravings. The amino acids naturally found in whey protein also help to improve muscle-tone and support your exercise regime.

It also contains CLA, a scientifically researched healthy fatty-acid that helps the body to preferentially use fat for energy.

Metabolic support is provided by Vit-MX-Trim™, a blend of niacin, folic acid, biotin and iodine that contributes to normal thyroid function, energy-yielding metabolism and the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

The combination of effective ingredients has been carefully selected to work together in synergy with your body to help you achieve a lean and toned physique.

My opinion:

I am definitely impressed with the diet shake! What i like the most about it is how it does manage to stop me from snacking - which is amazing! I'm one of those people that munch on cookies and chocolate all day, and eat when i'm bored. But when i take a serving of the diet shake - after lunch - i don't feel the need to snack. I just don't feel that hungry, i also wonder if its a mental thing too but whatever it is, its working!
After being on the shake for 2 weeks, i've lost 2 pounds and keep getting complimented by my mum on how much slimmer i look!
I have been trying to exercise too though, i like to do 30 sit-ups/crunches when i wake up and again when i go to bed as I think they help my stomach too. Its recommended by Sci-MX to do some exercise too haha!!


  • I don't tend to snack much if any, just now
  • After being on the diet shake for 2 weeks, i have lost 2 pounds!


  • It is quite expensive - we managed to get it for £18 as an introduction price, but i think the RRP is around £25
  • It doesn't taste that nice - although its strawberry flavour, you can still taste a weird sort of powdery taste, which put my sister of completely, but desperate times!
  • It takes time to make - for the shake to taste alright, i recommend putting it through the blender which makes it look like a strawberry milkshake after its blended! The first time i made it, i just crazy stirred it for a while, and there was still bits of powder floating about and it tasted horrible!!
  • You've got to continually take it in order to stay slim


Although there are a few down sides i would reccomend it. The hardest thing for me has always been to give up snacks and chocolate etc. and this has made it pretty easy for me. While i'm on it i feel more motivated to exercise and drink loads of water too which is improving my lifestyle overall. You've got to be committed to taking it at least once daily, but i think this is a small price to play in order to lose weight and tone up, especially for summer!
I'm going to keep taking it and doing regular exercise (just some sit-ups!) until summer and keep you posted on how its going, but i think you'll love this product!

Lucy xx


  1. Neat... ever since I started uni I kept on add pounds and it seems hard to get rid of them but I would definitely try this product out!

    You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. thankyou! yea ever since uni just been eating fast food and chocolate and drinking booze haha! yea definitely your blog looks great :) x

  3. Lucy!! Thank you so much for your post about this. I, too, am extremely lazy when it comes to exercise so this is definitely the product for me. I'm totally going to try it out


  4. I totally know what you mean about snacking when your bored, or sometimes eating just bc something is in front of you. LOL!
    Great blog, following you now!


  5. oh this sounds quite good! i've been trying to go to the gym every day of late but would still quite like that extra boost, because most of the time I end up just reading a book on the cycling machines.... which I don't think is that productive! x

  6. thanks for your lovely comments!! :)
    if you get it, i hope it works well for you! i know, i decided that i would start shaping up so was wanting to buy an exercise machine, i did end up getting one but the laziest one around- the vibration plate haha!! i actually get bored just standing on the machine even though its doing all the hard work!

  7. You have a great blog! Love the jewelery, it so pretty! Just followed!